Are we helping the nature if we r veggie?

Answer…All quotes below taken from the above video 'You can't be a meat eating environmentalist' Which takes its information from valid sources such as the World... Read More »

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How are the nuclear missiles being protected in Pakistan are other countries helping is the US helping like you helped guard Pershing missile the in Germany?

Hot Dogs Or Veggie Dogs Hamburgers Or Veggie Burgers?

Hot dogs are Yankee stadium or Red Sox stadium. Have a good time. I meant to look up the date of the Fri. game and forgot of the Series. I'll do it later. Goodnight yourself Scooter.

Its Helping or no?

Yes. I use Yahoo search most of the time when I am trying to find something on the net. I frequently use it to help answer questions.

I don't think her saying this is helping. ?

Your mom's a b*tch. Instead of offering you solutions toward weight loss, she just insults and demeans you.Ask her to take you to the doctor for a complete medical workup and to give you a strict d... Read More »