Is it possible we could be entering another Great Depression, and if so, how?

Answer As I answered this question many times before(very popular)-we are in the early stages of a depression-not only the US, but the whole world-every country has a huge,and, growing, deficit.In the US,... Read More »

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Is jersey shore going to have another season?

Yes!...July 23rd 2011 a new season of jersey shore will premiere!

Are you ever going to have all the great ABC Family Movies available for DVD purchase?

How do you tell your 2 year old daughter you're going to have another baby?

Don’t tell her until you are showing. She is much too young and it will be too long of a wait for her. When you are showing, say to her “Mommy’s got a surprise for you. You are going to be a ... Read More »

Can you leave another state without a guardian's consent if they don't have custody of you and the person you are going to see does have custody of you?

Answer No.A legal guardian is appointed by the court to oversee the welfare of a minor until said minor reaches the legal age of majority or the court rescinds the guardian order or the guardian a... Read More »