Are personal gps devices allowed on airplanes?

Answer As of October 2009, some airlines allow personal the use of GPS (global positioning system) devices, among them: British Airways, Delta, KLM, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. American Airlin... Read More »

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Now that I'm bald, am I still allowed to ask questions here?

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Why are questions about squeezing lemons allowed but....?

ummmmm... hi... john... i have no idea... in fact that's not fair at all... i shall write a strongly worded letter...!

Why are personal flotation devices not allowed at English Bay in Vancouver?

OMG!I WAS WRONG!Really? No floatation decices allowed at English Bay???That's just wacked, and news to me.Thanks to you and the person below for this post, I had no idea. Sounds entirely stoopid.... Read More »

Is it allowed for an ugly guy like me, to ask questions in the Beauty section?

Sorry Beauty and Style (I suppose it isn't a good idea to call this section B & S for short). We let Markyyy out to play today, and one of us lost track of him.Come on back, Markyyy. R & S logic on... Read More »