Are watermelon seeds bad for you?

Answer On One Hand: They Might Cause Digestive ProblemsA patient education pamphlet from the Three Rivers Endoscopy Center on GI health, advises that complications can occur from the consumption of waterm... Read More »

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About Watermelon Seeds?

A juicy slice of red watermelon is a relief on a hot day. The high water content and crisp flesh provide a cool, nutritious treat. In the United States, people eat mostly the watermelon flesh and o... Read More »

What happens if a dog eats watermelon seeds?

they could possibly get constipated but not anything to serious.

When can you plant the seeds out of a watermelon?

Watermelon seeds are planted between the last of March to the last day of June. All danger of a spring frost should be passed before planting. Watermelon seeds do not need any special treatment bef... Read More »

How far apart do you plant watermelon seeds?

Watermelons grow on vines and need plenty of room to spread. Plant watermelon seeds 5 to 6 feet apart in rows that are spaced 6 to 8 feet apart in your garden, according to Clemson University.Sourc... Read More »