Are watermelon seeds bad for you?

Answer On One Hand: They Might Cause Digestive ProblemsA patient education pamphlet from the Three Rivers Endoscopy Center on GI health, advises that complications can occur from the consumption of waterm... Read More »

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About Watermelon Seeds?

A juicy slice of red watermelon is a relief on a hot day. The high water content and crisp flesh provide a cool, nutritious treat. In the United States, people eat mostly the watermelon flesh and o... Read More »

How do I sow watermelon seeds indoors?

Plant watermelon seeds in mid March 1 inch deep in 2 or 3 inches of soil. Make sure that your soil is well drained so you do not get fungus growing with your watermelon plants.Water the plants thor... Read More »

Are watermelon seeds harmful to eat?

Watermelon seeds are as edible as the flesh and rind. Watermelon seeds, popular only in certain parts of Asia and Africa, can be eaten roasted and salted like pumpkin seeds. Watermelon seeds are ... Read More »

How to Harvest Watermelon Seeds?

With it's sweet taste and crunchy texture, watermelon is a summertime fruit coveted by young and old alike. Watermelon plants are well-suited for climates with long, hot summers and are best left o... Read More »