Are waterbeds good for your back?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsSeveral studies have shown that people sleeping on water beds are less prone to back pain than people using traditional coil or foam-based mattresses. Water beds and... Read More »

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Is this good for your back?

It's not great.Try to sleep with your back in a neutral position-not arched a lot, but not flat either. This takes pressure off your spine. These two positions can help:When sleeping on your side, ... Read More »

Is it good for your back to sleep on the floor?

I slept on the floor for about 2 years. I did that because the only mattresses i could afford were too soft and it made my back bend out of shape. Key here is that no two people have the same spi... Read More »

Is a hard mattress good for your back?

Contrary to what some people believe, hard mattresses do not help alleviate back pain. Medium-firm mattresses are more likely to help people with back problems than firm mattresses, according to a ... Read More »

Are you good at snapping your bones back in place?

Muscles are tight and pulling it out of it's socket. You can free up the muscles in your wrist which should get that to stop for you and here's how to free them up:Wrist:With hand resting in front... Read More »