Are water pumps rebuildable?

Answer It is possible to rebuild the water pumps of cars, trucks, boats, tractors and heavy equipment. Some companies rebuild water pumps for customers and others sell rebuild kits for do-it-yourselfers.S... Read More »

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About Car Water Pumps?

A car's water pump is "critical" to keeping your engine running cool. Without a properly working water pump the vehicle would over heat very quickly and quite possibly, if left unattended to, actua... Read More »

How to Clean Water Pumps?

Cleaning a water pump entails cleaning the filter that blocks dirt from getting into the water, while letting the water through in your pump. If you notice your water pressure is low it may mean th... Read More »

How to Rebuild Water Pumps?

Your car's cooling system keeps the engine from overheating. The water pump is the center of the cooling system. When the pump leaks or otherwise stops working properly, the cooling system can't do... Read More »

How to Remove and Install Water Pumps?

The purpose of a water pump is to regulate the fluid that flows through the engine to cool it. When the water pump breaks, damage to other engine components is inevitable. While it might take you a... Read More »