Are water filters necessary for Cuisinart coffee makers?

Answer You do not need to use a water filter with your Cuisinart coffee maker, although the company recommends doing so. Coffee consists mostly of water, so the better tasting your water is, the better ta... Read More »

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Who makes Cuisinart coffee makers?

Cusinart coffee makers are manufactured by Cuisinart. They come in a wide variety of designs, and with different features. Cuisinart offers everything from standard coffee makers to specialized mac... Read More »

Are paper filters used in espresso coffee makers?

While conventional coffee makers typically use disposable paper filters, traditional espresso machines are designed to push hot water through a small amount of ground coffee in a metal filter. A me... Read More »

Cuisinart coffee maker DGB-700BC is not brewing, it grinds coffee but does not add water at all.?

Have you consulted the Cuisinart manual? You might have to include the water with your own two hands. Cuisinart may not do a thing to add the water even though to lack the water means the coffee ma... Read More »

How often should a Cuisinart coffee water filter be changed?

Each of your Cuisinart charcoal water filters is good for about 60 pots of coffee. You can buy a set of six coffee filters, which should last about a year.Source:Cuisinart Charcoal Water Filters