Are warrant officers commissioned officers?

Answer Warrant officers are not commissioned officers. They do have equivalent legal status to a regular commissioned officer. Their duties are highly specialized, and they work in fields such as medicine... Read More »

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Are army warrant officers commissioned?

After achieving the ranking of Chief Warrant Officer Two, warrant officers are then commissioned by the president. Though commissioned Army warrant officers remain single-specialty and career-orien... Read More »

What is the difference between noncommissioned officers and commissioned officers?

The differences are vast and varied: Noncommissioned {Non Commissioned} Officers:Are never saluted (In some cases, enlisted salute each other as when reporting {to} their post or on Gaurd {guard}, ... Read More »

What does an non-commissioned officer have to have to conduct non-commissioned officers buisness?

any Non-Commissioned officer may conduct Non-Commissioned officer business to any enlisted personal under him. Non-Commissioned officers take orders from officers and assign tasks of those orders t... Read More »

Who are considered Commissioned officers in the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard uses the same rank structure as the Navy. Thus, anyone who wears the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, or any Admiral rank, in con... Read More »