Are voles nocturnal?

Answer Voles are not just nocturnal. Even though they are more active at night, they are also active during the day. They are small, secretive creatures that stay under the cover of vegetation. Most vole ... Read More »

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What do voles eat?

Voles are tiny rodents closely resembling mice that subsist on a varied diet depending on their species. Some types of voles are strictly vegetarians, consuming seeds, grasses, fruits, lichens, roo... Read More »

How big are voles?

Different species of voles can vary in size once they mature into adults, and 23 species of voles live in the U.S. For example, the meadow vole can reach between 5½ and 7½ inches in length, while... Read More »

How do I prevent voles?

Remove Grass and WeedsRemove weeds and grasses from around the base of shrubs and small trees to make these areas less attractive to voles. Keep surrounding grass clipped short year round. Voles li... Read More »

Do voles dig in lawns?

Voles use their teeth and claws to burrow through lawns, gardens, golf courses and other areas. Voles are small rodents that are sometimes mistaken for mice. Voles appear brown or gray and measure ... Read More »