Are vitamine pills nessescary?

Answer as you get older the body gets more "difficult" to function so .. yes..…have your mom get this one and mix 1 cap full with water each day and drinkvery hea... Read More »

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SUNBURN HELP!!!! VitaminE oil vs. VitaminE lotion ?

No. Lotions are usually alcohol or water based. You want the pure Vitamin E oil.

What kind of pills can you use when iam at one month pregnant and iam not using any pills?

Birth control pills? No. If you intend to abort do it properly and safely and get yourself to a clinic like Planned Parenthood where you can discuss all your options with medical professionals. Th... Read More »

Will he be ok he took two ecstasy pills. He does drugs and smokes. Could he have overdosed on the two pills?

He's probably hungover from them. He'll be sore and fatigued, especially if he was dancing all night. He's most likely fine.

What to do if you have a stuffy pills using no medication op pills?

Try an Allergy relief medicine if you have some in the house. Otherwise, lots of kleenex