Are visible bra straps ever okay?

Answer On One Hand: Bra Straps Can Look FashionableIn an informal setting, when bra straps match an outfit you are wearing and are visible because of the cut of the shirt, this is generally acceptable. M... Read More »

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Is it ever okay to abuse your child?

Yes. Haha just kidding. No it's not. You'll go to jail. :O

Previously on every device including android based phones android tablets and also on Pcs my app was visible on android market now its not visible in search result.?

Is it ever okay for a grown woman to wear pigtails?

look it is sometimes okay for a grown women to wear pigtails if she can pull it off. i mean like in a fun bright playful outfit. like something you would wear at a beach or a 2 yearolds birthday pa... Read More »

I dont know if I'll ever be okay...I gave my baby up for adoption?

i am not a relinquishing mother. but i am an adoptee. in fact-i am Lori A (above) daughter that she relinquished. even though i had a wonderful life-better than she could have imagined-i dont belie... Read More »