Are violets tap root plants?

Answer No, they are not. Taproot plants roots are long like a carrot.

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The Root System of Jade Plants?

Jade plants are succulents belonging to the Crassula family. They have thick leaves and stems that store water. Jade plants are frost-tender and native to Africa. Most have dark green leaves but... Read More »

How do you cure root bound plants?

Pot or root bound plants need to be re-potted into a larger pot. Do not go up more than two sizes in your pot. Place a piece of coffee filter paper over the bottom of the new pot, (works better th... Read More »

Phytophthora Root Rot Resistant Plants?

Phytophthora can lie dormant in the soil for years without the plants developing symptoms. This is especially dangerous because gardeners can use the soil and spread pathogens without being aware o... Read More »

How do I Root Rice Tissue Culture Plants?

Plant tissue cultures are used to create genetically identical plants from a single source. This process is used to propagate quality plant strains noted for their yield, coloration or other desira... Read More »