Are vinyl picket fences tacky?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on Your NeighborhoodIf you live in a neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes, then, yes, a vinyl picket fence might fall on the "tacky" side of things. Look around--wha... Read More »

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When is Picket Fences season 2 coming out on DVD?

AnswerI have not purchased this product yet, but all of the Picket Fences episodes can be purchased for about 90 bucks on, dvdmonkey, and probably other places... It's a questionable... Read More »

How do I align the tops of picket fences?

Dig the HolesDig 2-feet-deep holes with post hole diggers for the corner posts of the fence. Set the corner posts in the holes. Tie a mason's line to a corner post at the desired fence height. Tie ... Read More »

Why have no more seasons of the TV show Picket Fences been put on DVD since Season 1?

Are vinyl fences durable?

On One Hand: Flexible Vinyl Is Very DurableThe durability of a flexible vinyl fence is generally excellent. It is resistant to weather and can often be bent and still return to its intended shape. ... Read More »