Are views what draw in subscribers?

Answer Yes and no.If your videos repeatedly get lots and lots of views then that means you're probably producing consistently good content and people are gonna subscribe.However if the video was just a vi... Read More »

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How Do i Get a lot of Subscribers and views on youtube?

well one way is by doing wat u just did :)

How do I get more views and subscribers on Youtube?

You should put up a lot of tags that are somewhat related to your video. This draws in more people from the search.

How to get more views/subscribers on YouTube?

I can't give you any groundbreaking advice just that my son watch a lot of you tube etc.Don't get dragged into giveaways etc as people will watch you if they like YOU regardless of wether you are g... Read More »

What is the best way to get more Subscribers and Views on YouTube?

Hi Sam, one good way to increase subscribers and friends is to find other videos and channels that relate to yours, subscribe to their channel and also leave comment on other videos and channels, f... Read More »