Are videogames dangerous to LCD screens?

Answer No, they cannot burn into LCD. Plasma on the other hand can be burned in.

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What is the difference between LCD screens and plasma screens?

LCD is Liquid Crystal. Uses a light that is replaceable in most.Plasma is GAS. LCD screens are better. If your going LCD, go HD. LCD (Liquid crystal displays) &Plasma screens use completely differe... Read More »

How to Sell Used Videogames Online?

Many local retailers allow you to sell your used Video Games but just a few online retailers offer a reliable service online.

Is it ok to play videogames on a brand new HD LCDTV?

The problem youre probably thinking about is the lag or delay caused by changing the resolution to display the picture.In HDTVs, the resolution is much higher than what CRT tvs ever displayed, and ... Read More »

How to Cheat in Videogames and Online Games?

If you really want to win in video games or online computer games, you might have to cheat. It's not hard to do, as long as you know the codes and hacks. Check out this page to get started -- just ... Read More »