Are vibrators illegal in Alabama?

Answer It has been illegal to buy and/or sell a vibrator in the state of Alabama ever since a 1998 law banned the distribution of devices that provide genital stimulation. A person may face up to 1 year i... Read More »

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Is it illegal in Alabama to drink alcohol while pregnant?

No one should drink while they're pregnant. If you're the one who is carrying a baby and considering drinking, then shame on you. You'll probably have a retarded kid because of the drinking, and an... Read More »

Is it illegal to leave an 3 year old child alone in a car in the State of Alabama?

This really depends on the frequency of what they did, and exactly what it was that they did. In a lot of cases, pedophiles do go to prison for 15+ years in the United States. I have not seen any c... Read More »

What are Side Effects of Vibrators?

According to, 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men use vibrators during sex. Although vibrators help release sexual tension, be careful when using them.Vaginal InfectionsAlwa... Read More »

Do they sell vibrators with USB connectors on them ?

Yep, I found one for you.…