Are venus fly traps multicellular?

Answer Venus flytraps, like all higher plants, are multicellular organisms that use photosynthesis to fix carbon into sugar molecules. However, Venus flytraps--and other carnivorous plants--supplement the... Read More »

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Venus fly traps?

They produce seeds and offsets which can be removed and planted separately... I know its a strange or exotic plant but dont waste your time growing one... They live less than a year inside a tereri... Read More »

How do Venus Fly Traps reproduce?

The Venus Fly Trap is a fascinating plant. It is carnivorous, relying on insects for nourishment. A light touch over its eyelash-like hairs causes the petals to gently and firmly close. Despite its... Read More »

How to Care for Venus Fly Traps?

Venus flytraps are popular plants because of their consumption of flies and other small insects. However, they have special care requirements you have to follow if you want a healthy flytrap.

Do Venus fly traps eat roaches?

A Dionaea Muscipula, or Venus fly trap, eats any kind of insect. A cockroach is an insect characterized by a flat body, wings, antenna and long legs, according to New World Encyclopedia. Therefore,... Read More »