Are vents really necessary when adding a bathroom in a basement?

Answer On One Hand: Removing MoistureBathroom fans are necessary for removing the moist air from the room to prevent mildew and structural damage caused by damp lumber and bathroom building materials. Man... Read More »

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What personnel (architects, designers etc.) are actually needed when renovating a home/ adding a bathroom?

Unless you're building a 1,00,000 square foot structure an architect wouldn't even look at you let alone be hired by you. You call a contractor/designer and they come in and tell you what they wan... Read More »

Are attic vents necessary on a metal roof?

On One Hand: Attic Vents Are Necessary On a Metal RoofProper ventilation is necessary no matter what type of building material is used, wood metal, asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles it makes no... Read More »

Is it really necessary to remove battery from my camera when not in use My camera is Nikon P500?

It is a good idea to remove batteries from anything when not using it just in case the batteries go dead and start to corrode. The corrosion can leave some residue in the battery compartment that c... Read More »

Is HD TV really necessary?

Nope, but it's pretty cool. I was watching the news, and you can see the guys make up lol it's so cool. It makes everything so clear.