Are ventless heaters safe?

Answer On One Hand: Ventless Heaters Can Be DangerousBecause ventless heaters have no flues, they vent combustion gases directly into a building's air supply. One of these gases can be carbon monoxide, wh... Read More »

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Are ventless propane heaters safe?

On One Hand: There Are Minor Risks from CO and HumidityLike all ventless heating systems, a ventless propane heater lacks a chimney or flue, so it dumps its exhaust indoors. Propane heaters are ext... Read More »

How do ventless gas heaters work?

Ventless heaters are a special class of heater that does not need to transfer fumes outside the home. They are available in blue flame or radiant/infrared varieties, and can be fueled on natural ga... Read More »

Are ventless gas heaters legal in Washington State?

Vent-free or ventless gas heaters are legal in some parts of Washington State, according to Alternative Heating Info. Check with local government officials for information about a specific town. Al... Read More »

Are Ventless Gas Fireplaces Safe?

Ventless gas fireplaces are extremely efficient since all heat and exhaust is recycled into the room, rather than out a vent or up a chimney. Some wonder if these fireplaces are safe, since burning... Read More »