Are vent free fireplaces safe?

Answer On One Hand: They are Not SafeVent free fireplaces produce enough pollutants to make people in the building sick, according to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, California, Mo... Read More »

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Are vent free gas fireplaces safe?

On One Hand: There is a Risk of Carbon Monoxide PoisoningVent-free gas fireplaces lack chimneys or flues to direct their combustion products outside, which means they vent them into the room instea... Read More »

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces & Safety?

Vent free gas fireplaces are an alternative to the traditional fireplaces that require venting. Concerns remain, however, about the safety of vent free fireplaces. These concerns include oxygen dep... Read More »

Are vent free gas stoves safe?

On One Hand: There Are Some Potential RisksA vent free gas stove vents its exhaust directly into the structure in which it's installed. While gas stoves tend to burn very cleanly, one possible exha... Read More »

Are vent-free heaters safe?

On One Hand: Safe and Clean BurningVent-free gas space heaters are considered safe. These heaters all have been tested and approved prior to entering the sales market. The heaters do not omit one-f... Read More »