Are veggies still a healthy snack if I do this?

Answer olive oil is a monounsaturated fat. there are 4 main types of fats not included omega fatty acids.saturated - increases the LDL (bad cholesterol)trans - increases the LDL (bad cholesterol) AND decr... Read More »

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How to Incorporate Veggies Into a Healthy Breakfast?

The ideal healthy diet provides 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Unfortunately, many people today fall woefully short of this injunction. If you're looking to increase your vegetab... Read More »

Are canned veggies perceived by many as healthy?

Vegetables are perceived as healthy by the masses no matter their form, however, due to the high sodium content of canned vegetables, it would not be my first choice for daily consumption.

Is it just as healthy to have veggies in smoothies as it is to eat them?

Yes, because it's just getting mixed up--you're not cooking it. Boiling veggies on the other hand can be less healthy, since nutrients can escape the flesh (um, better word?) of the veggie during t... Read More »

What are some healthy snacks I can bring to school (no fruits or veggies)?

first off i like to tell people in the very beggining to excuse my grammer or get off my question lol anyways try a steak or something it may be a lil much for a school lunch but its oderless also ... Read More »