Are vegetarians the worst people on the planet?

Answer You forgot the squirrel, numbnuts.

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What's the worst food on the planet?

gizzards, chitlins, chitterlings, hog maws, rocky mt oysters, balut, cuy, bat, lengua, haggis....all the weird stuff

Do You Think American People Are The Most Lucky People On The Planet ?

Yes, because we are free to do whatever we want, as long as it doesn't offend anyone else.As far as the Government goes, We have the absolute worst corruption there is. The politician rob us blind ... Read More »

Why are people vegetarians?

You're the guy who has a crush on his own brother, right? Maybe you're not in such a good position to judge, then.

Why do people become vegetarians?

It just makes me feel sick. I've ate meat before but it never sat right with me. Blood running out of steak, meat on the bone I'd never have went near. Simply, it's not appetising.