Are vegans/vegetarians against taxidermy?

Answer It depends on the vegetarian/vegan. I know plenty who are totally for taxidermy even if the animal used was hunted. A lot of people don't eat meat just because of health reasons or because they don... Read More »

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Schools of Taxidermy?

More taxidermy schools exist than most people probably realize. Those looking to attend a taxidermy school have choices in almost every state of the country. Most schools offer six- to 15-week cour... Read More »

Taxidermy Correspondence Schools?

Taxidermy is a profession that calls for both an artistic flair and an ability to handle dead animals with ease and care. A taxidermist's work is often called upon to preserve a hunter's prized cat... Read More »

How to Perform Taxidermy on Animals?

Very life-likeWhile many have sought the fountain of youth, it already exists for your pets and hunting trophies. By immortalizing them through the art of taxidermy, you can indoctrinate them into ... Read More »

How do I learn taxidermy for free?

Learning taxidermy can be a rewarding experience. Not only will it save you money mounting your own hunting and fishing trophies, but it offers an outlet for artistic creativity. With enough dedica... Read More »