Are vegans religious about their food?

Answer Its called orthoxia nervosa & yes i'd argue that many vegans have it to some degree & that i had it. Especially when they get so up in arms about having to avoid a food because it contains

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Why are religious vegetarians/vegans more accepted than purely ethical ones?

I agree that this happens all the time. It is part of the 'undeserved respect' that society teaches people to accord religion(s). Richard Dawkins writes about this in 'The God Delusion'.It doesn't ... Read More »

Vegans, Which food (s) shocked you by not being Vegan friendly ?

Well, it didn't exactly shock me that most chocolate products aren't vegan, but it does make me angry that the government doesn't allow products called "chocolate" to contain vegetable fat.What the... Read More »

Vegans: Why is somebody who eats lower on the animal food chain just as bad?

It's not about being just as bad, or not just as bad, because vegetarians and vegans tend to believe that it is unfair to sentient beings. Whether or not one lives as long, or is as intelligent as... Read More »

What do vegans eat And how do they make vegetables and other bland food taste good?

Fruit and Vegetables are bland?!?!?!Think of lemons, onions, garlic, berries, horseradish, hot peppers, ginger, olives, pickles, tomatoes, citrus fruits, salsa's, etc. etc. All of these are fruits... Read More »