Are vegans more empathetic, neurologically speaking?

Answer It SO baffles me, Mermaid... I have seen a bit of Meet your Meat but all of Food Inc... that was about 4 years ago and I cannot get those visuals out of my head... they haunt me. The blank stares ... Read More »

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What do vegans need more of?

i'd like more restraunts 2 become vegan because vegans never get to eat at restraunts. you can use all these recipes to make up the menu:…hope this helped ... Read More »

Are vegetarians/vegans more peaceful or docile?

If their posts here on yahoo answers are any indication, no they are definitely not.When any of their "beliefs" are questioned, or their double standards or lies are exposed, many veg*ns respond wi... Read More »

Are there more fat vegans/vegitarians or omni/carnivores?

Does it matter? The better way to setle it is who is healtheir, you or your brother?I would say omnivores. With about 5.5 billion omnivores wolrdwide (as compared to about 500million vegetarians/ve... Read More »

Are some cultures more likely to be vegetarians/vegans versus others why?

Richer countries eat more meat. Asia and Africa have lower meat consumption per capita, due to poverty, but not necessarily more people that are fully vegetarian (except India). The eskimos are t... Read More »