Are vasectomies reversible?

Answer Vasectomies can be reversed by reconnecting the ducts, the vas deferens, that are used to transport sperm from the man's testicles into his semen, and the man will then again be able to impregnate ... Read More »

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Can someone recomend a good DIY book for vasectomies?

Are vasectomies covered by most health insurance providers?

A vasectomy is usually covered 100%. That is pretty much standard because getting a vasectomy is very good business practice for an insurance company. This is true because a vasectomy cost under ... Read More »

Are vasectomies safe birth control after 9 years?

On One Hand: Vasectomies are PermanentA vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control that involves surgery on the vas deferens, preventing the release of sperm into the semen. Athough semen is st... Read More »

How to Sew a Reversible Bag?

This reversible bag is appealing because it's very simple to make and also quite versatile. You can change the size to accommodate anything from a tooth, your swimming gear for the beach, a cute ca... Read More »