Are varnished rocks safe for a pond?

Answer On One Hand: Safe Varnishes ExistPolyurethane varnish is the primary sealant choice for aquarium decor, and is therefore completely safe for use in a pond. It will not erode or leech out chemicals,... Read More »

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How to Make Fake Rocks for Your Pond?

This is a simple instructional on how to make realistic, lightweight rocks for your outdoor pond, or anything else you had in mind.

How to Make Rocks Safe for Aquarium Fish?

Aquascaping your aquarium is a fun, exciting activity. Many aquarists find this to be one of the favorite parts of owning an aquarium. Live and plastic plants, driftwood, gravel and rocks are all i... Read More »

Is subsoil mostly made of solar energy or petroleum or small rocks or solid rocks?

Subsoil, or the “B” horizon (layer) of soil, lies directly below the topsoil, or “A” horizon. Lying at least 8 inches below the surface, subsoil contains less humus--decayed plant and anima... Read More »

Is Subsoil Mostly Made of Solar Energy or Petroleum or Small Rocks or Solid Rocks?

Soil is a complex blend of organic and inorganic ingredients vital to sustaining plant life and growth. It's divided into several distinct layers or horizons, each of which has a different composit... Read More »