Are variable annuities safe?

Answer On One Hand: There's Some RiskDue to recent stock market fluctuations triggered by the recession, certain previously stable asset classes, such as the mutual funds that make up many variable annuit... Read More »

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How safe are Hartford variable annuities?

On One Hand: Safety of the Hartford Variable AnnuityThe Hartford Financial Services Group is the largest provider of variable annuities in the United States. Variable annuities account for two-thir... Read More »

When did variable annuities start?

Insurance company TIAA-CREF invented the variable annuity in 1952. Considered a combination of an investment product and an insurance contract, annuities have the benefit of tax-deferred savings. B... Read More »

How to Sell Variable Annuities?

Variable annuities are insurance investments where investors to place money into an account, allow it to grow tax-deferred and supplement retirement income at a later point in time. Variable annuit... Read More »

How to Evaluate Variable Annuities?

Variable annuities are a type of retirement savings program where contributions are made and earnings grow tax-deferred. Within the account, investors may choose from a variety of offered mutual fu... Read More »