Is the movie little vampires better then twilight, since it kept the myth of vampires?

Answer I assume you mean "The Little Vampire" 2000No but also yes (well kind of)The "No":There is no such thing as a "myth of vampires" or a correct myth of vampires. The commonly known myth of vampires i... Read More »

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Where does real magic exist?

It is exist in a very natural state.. one almost misses it.. or may be mistake it for just sentimental point of example is the caterpillar.. lives all her life eating green leafs... and ... Read More »

What steps do you take to begin looking for your real father who doesn't know you exist?

Answerthere is a girl, 18 years old who is looking for her dad who just found out he has an 18 yr old daughter. his name is Gregory potenziani and he lived in Albuquerque new Mexico at the time. i ... Read More »

Do you run with the vampires or wolfs?

I'd go with a bit of both..Lol..I love Emmett tho.. he is my favourite :]

Can vampires get sick?

Well considering they drink all that blood I imagine many viruses transfer into their system all of the time. Maybe they just have a super immune system because they have to fight off so many disea... Read More »