Are u.s. military soldiers waterboarded during training?

Answer A special kind of training, SERE, for Survival Evasion Resistance Escape, is given to certain military members, including pilots and Special Forces members. The training includes sleep deprivation,... Read More »

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How to get medical diagnosis for my husband who was injured during military training?

General (Under Honorable Conditions). If a member's service has been honest and faithful, it is appropriate to characterize that service under honorable conditions. Characterization of service as G... Read More »

Are you allowed to keep your cell phone during basic training in the U.S. military?

In the Army and Marine Corps, cell phones are not allowed. However, the Air Force apparently not only allows cell phones to be taken to boot camp, but also encourages it, as of July 2010. Cell phon... Read More »

Physical Fitness in Military Recruits During Army Basic Training: Gender Differences?

Because of the nature of their work, military personnel must undergo strict physical fitness training and meet certain standards. Before Basic Training, all military personnel must meet minimum req... Read More »

How many soldiers are in the military?

Answer Not legally. You could be charged for impersonation of a military Member, but as long as you arent wearing any distinct identifiers (ie Capbadge, or unit Slip-ons/ Eppilates, Rank, Pins, Med... Read More »