Are u.s citizens allowed to travel to cuba?

Answer U.S. citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba for pre-approved, pre-defined educational and religious purposes, according to U.S. Department of State. However, U.S. citizens traveling for religious r... Read More »

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Is travel to Cuba allowed?

Travel for a United States citizen to Cuba is only allowed with a license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In general, the U.S. Department of the Treasury allows travel to Cuba for bu... Read More »

Are americans allowed to travel to cuba?

Americans can to travel to Cuba to visit close family members living in Cuba. Any American seeking to travel to Cuba must apply for, and be granted, a general license from the Office of Foreign Ass... Read More »

Do non-citizens in Cuba get free health care?

Non-residents have to pay fees when they go to the doctor in Cuba and use special hospitals for visitors, such as the Cira Garcia Hospital in Havana, according to the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Th... Read More »

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