Are upconverting dvd players worth it?

Answer On One Hand: No Need to Change the Format of Your CollectionAdvocates of upconverting DVD players claim they will make your standard DVDs look like high definition Blu-Ray discs on a HD television.... Read More »

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Do upconverting dvd players work?

On One Hand: They Are OK For A Smaller Screen.An upconverting DVD player is considered fine for viewing movies on a screen that is 32 inches or smaller. Although it uses a chip to simulate visual d... Read More »

Do upconverting DVD players make your picture better?

On One Hand: Upconverting Has AdvantagesStandard DVD players display DVDs at the 480p resolution that is standard definition (SD) TV. Upconverting and Blu-Ray players help bridge the gap between th... Read More »

What is the deal with upconverting DVD players DVDs do not have HD info inside them.?

The specs you are describing would be for 'true hd.'Basically the dvd player is basically using some neat mathematical 'extrapolation' method to blow up the DVD image to fit on an HD screen. Techni... Read More »

Are blu-ray players worth the money?

Eventually, dvd will be obsolete, as with VHS tapes did when dvds came out. It is worth the money if you have a very good tv but right now, dvds are cheaper. I have both and it just depends on whet... Read More »