Are union initiation fees tax deductible?

Answer Expenses related to initiation in a union are tax deductible. All fees to a union are deductible except for fees related to gaining benefits, such as health insurance, pensions and some lobbying an... Read More »

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Are brokerage fees deductible?

On One Hand: On Taxable TradesYou can include the brokerage fees as part of the costs of your trade to avoid paying taxes on the gain. For example, if you pay a $10 commission to buy $1,000 of a st... Read More »

Are Car Registration Fees Tax Deductible?

Annual car registration renewal fees combine the cost of multiple taxes and fees into one bill. If your car registration fee is a personal expense that you have to pay annually, you may be allowed ... Read More »

Are lawyer fees tax deductible?

On One Hand: No Deductions Without IncomeTaxpayers saddled with large attorney fees would love to get a little bit back in the form of a tax deduction. But unless you hired a lawyer to help you ear... Read More »

Are origination fees tax deductible?

When purchasing a mortgage or refinancing one, many borrowers look to deduct some of the closing costs from their tax bill. However, the only cost associated with a mortgage closing that is tax ded... Read More »