Are unicorns real animals?

Answer Unicorns are not real animals, but products of mythology, having appeared in writings dating back thousands of years. Though some one-horned animals do exist, nothing taking the form of a horse- or... Read More »

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Are dragons and unicorns real?

Of course not, and a mermaid told me so!Seriously, there has to be something to spark the imagination, so I have to feel that they were real.whether they ARE is the important part of it all

Are reindeer real animals?

Reindeer are real animals. They are related to deer and sometimes are called caribou. Reindeer primarily live in the Arctic, although they are raised in captivity in other areas of the world.Refere... Read More »

Animals eat animals, so why don't vegetarians and vegans eat animals?

I was a vegatarian for a whole year but I did it for health reasons not animal rights reason. I undestand where you coming from. But at the same time I respect a vegatarians deciscion as long as he... Read More »

How to Get Unicorns on Howrse?

Unicorns are fairly rare and very special on howrse, which is why they are so expensive. Many new players can't wait to have their own uni (the commonly known abbreviation), and this article will t... Read More »