Are under 18's allowed bumblebee pub blackwood without an adult?

Answer If you are a Brit I think you have to still have an adult.Chetak

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Is a child under the age of 18 allowed to travel out of state without a guardian?

Should children under 18 be allowed to go on line without parental supervision?

I think they should be able to but the computer should be in the living room or out in the open - never in their bedroom. Many parents don't monitor their childs internet use - as evidenced by thi... Read More »

Can gardeners help revive bumblebee numbers by buying a bumblebee colony to put in their garden....?

I have 3 bumblebee nest boxes placed around my garden. Last year they were all primed with sugar solution and nesting material. So we found a bumblebee had nested on the floor of our garden shed ... Read More »

Why should an adult adoptee not be allowed to challenge the wisdom of social workers and adoption?

I never signed anything. I never agreed to anything. Just because I happen to have been adopted doesn't mean I should have my rights stripped from me by the state.Hey, I know. How about people j... Read More »