Are ultrasonic pest killers safe for humans?

Answer On One Hand: Safe but IneffectiveThe ultrasonic pest killers legally sold in the United States are not harmful to humans but are unlikely to solve your pest control problem. The reason for this, ac... Read More »

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Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe?

On One Hand: Safe for HumansUltrasonic pest control is safe for humans. The frequency it emits is out of human hearing range.On the Other: Some Pets AffectedUltrasonic pest control is designed to b... Read More »

Does ultrasonic pest control work?

On One Hand: Pests and UltrasoundFor decades, desperate homeowners have invested in electronic devices advertised to repel pests ranging from mosquitoes to rats to deer. Most promise to repel pests... Read More »

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

On One Hand: They Do Not WorkUltrasonic pest repellers are supposed to repel pests by high-pitched sound. Unfortunately these devices do not work in repelling pests, according to Read More »

Bug Killers That Do Not Harm Humans or Dogs?

We all want our homes and gardens free from insects and other critters. However, if you're a dog owner, have children or are generally concerned about your health, using pesticides and other harmfu... Read More »