Are ufo's truly real?

Answer On One Hand: Many People Think SoAccording to the Telegraph newspaper, many reputable people, including government officials and scientists, believe UFOs are real. These include Edgar Mitchell, a f... Read More »

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Did NASA hide evidence that ufos are real?

No. There is no evidence to suggest that NASA has done this. No other country has any well-documented evidence of UFOs. It is very unlikely that NASA has been able to control the evidence in all ot... Read More »

Where can I get software for tracking UFOs?

Hehehe, hahahaha.You just have for fake it. Have a friend help you out in fooling your sister. Make a box with all kinds of switches and knobs and get a friend outside with a walky-talky making mac... Read More »

Is the US government covering up UFOS?

It has an EXTREMELY low chance of happening, and it's just logical to say no, but there's still that 0.005 chance. Of course aliens (debatable, though) exist, but it's more likely that the majority... Read More »

How come no railroaders ever report UFOs?