Are two way chippers legal?

Answer According to PGA professional Mark Blakemore, two way chippers are illegal for use during league play because you may not use a golf club that has more than one striking surface. You may, however, ... Read More »

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How loud are 5 wood chippers?

One wood chipper produces 95 to 107 decibels of sound while running. Thus, five wood chippers would produce 101.8 to 113.8 decibels. This has about the same volume as a motorcycle or a loud rock co... Read More »

Types of Wood Chippers?

The main function of wood chippers is to reduce the space taken up by piles of wood refuse, and to enable easier transportation of the refuse to another site. Chip uniformity becomes an issue only ... Read More »

Will wood chippers make mulch?

Wood chippers can make mulch for landscaping and mulch used for yard compost and other projects. The texture of the mulch varies with the settings on the wood chipper and materials used to make the... Read More »

Who makes Peak golf chippers?

The Peak chipper golf club is made by a Scandinavian company called Peak Performance. Not only does it produce golf equipment, but Peak Performance also produces ski wear, adventure wear and other ... Read More »