Are two-ohm or four-ohm subwoofers better?

Answer On One Hand: Two Ohms QualitiesWith two-ohm subwoofers, there is less impedance. This means the speakers are less resistive to the current coming from the amplifier. This, in turn, causes the ampli... Read More »

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What do SPL and SQ mean for subwoofers?

Many speakers a responsive to a wide range of frequencies. When only one type of speaker is used, it is important for that speaker to be able to produce high and low frequency sounds. Subwoofers ar... Read More »

What Do SPL & SQ Mean for Subwoofers?

SPL and SQ are abbreviations for the quantitative and qualitative measurement of the sound a subwoofer produces. They're often discussed together because one usually comes at the expense of the oth... Read More »

About 4-Ohm Subwoofers?

The ohm is a term to of measurement to describe the impedance of speakers (including subwoofers), to determine the resistance necessary for the voltage coming from the amplifier. Many subwoofers ar... Read More »

How to Wire Subwoofers?

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