Are two-ohm or four-ohm subwoofers better?

Answer On One Hand: Two Ohms QualitiesWith two-ohm subwoofers, there is less impedance. This means the speakers are less resistive to the current coming from the amplifier. This, in turn, causes the ampli... Read More »

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How to Bridge Four 12 Inch Subwoofers?

Utilizing four subwoofers in a bridged configuration has the potential to create a thundering installation. Most quality bridgeable amplifiers have the ability, if wired correctly, to successfully ... Read More »

How to Hook up Four Kicker Subwoofers to an Amp?

Installing four Kicker subwoofers to an amplifier can be a tricky proposition. Most amplifiers are designed to hole one or two subwoofers rather than four. However, a higher-end amplifier can pow... Read More »

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