Are two credit cards better than one?

Answer On One Hand: Two Cards Offer Higher Credit ScoreYour credit score is affected by how much of your available credit you're using. You should keep your balance at 30 percent or less of your cards' li... Read More »

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Are gold credit cards better than regular credit cards?

On One Hand: Regular Cards Accept Lower RatingsRegular credit cards have higher credit limits than secured cards but often not as high as gold cards. Traditionally, you do not need to have as good... Read More »

Is it safer to use credit cards in person than online?

On One Hand: In Person is SafeWith the capability of hackers on the Internet today, online credit card use can be risky. By using your credit card in person, you can visually monitor the cashier to... Read More »

Can you pay credit cards at times other than the due date?

Payment on a credit card can occur at any point during the billing cycle. ICredit card interest is charged daily based upon average balances, therefore, it is in the borrower's best interest to pay... Read More »

Is it Better for a Credit Score to Close Unused Cards?

It is better for a borrower's credit score to leave all credit card lines open. Closing a credit card decreases a borrower's credit history and limits the amount of available credit to the borrower... Read More »