Are twin born at the same time?

Answer No, they are born one after another, usually within a few minutes of each other.

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Can you be a twin if your born 8 months apart?

No. Twins are two embryos fertilized and implanted in the uterus at about the same time, and they come to term at about the same time. They can either be fraternal, i.e. two eggs and two sperm, or ... Read More »

What are good names for twin girls due to be born in January ?

Congrats man!But I was under the impression all you Brits named your kids after Shakespearean characters.So why not go with Goneril and Regan? :))

Do identical twin girls get their first period at the same time?

No - i'm an identical twin and me and my sister got ours close together, but not at the same time :)

A mother gave birth to twin boys but they were born in different years and on different days And no the boys are not part of 2 sets How can this be possible?

The first boy was born on the last day of the year. The second was born on the first.right but the first was born at 11:59p.m the other sometime after midnite