Are baby turtles born with a shell?

Answer All baby turtles are born with a shell that is used as a source of protection. The inner layer of the shell is connected to the turtle's spine and ribs. The outer layer is a hard structure formed f... Read More »

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Baby born with a veil on their face can cure what?

Can a person be born with their heart on the right side of the chest?

yes- it's called Dextrocardia…

Do snails grow their own shells?

Snails are members of the Phylum Mollusca, or mollusks, and the class Gastropoda, or gastropods. All mollusks grow their own shells using high levels of nutrients like calcium, which are derived fr... Read More »

Do snails outgrow their shells?

Snails do not outgrow their shells. If a snail grows larger, the shell also grows larger to accommodate the snail. A snail can secrete shell material from its body to continue building the shell sp... Read More »