Are true vampire stories romantic?

Answer On One Hand: Original Vampire Stories are not RomanticVampires exist in some manifestation or another in folklore throughout history all over the world. Most recently, Stephenie Meyer and to a less... Read More »

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Ideas for Writing Romantic Stories?

Romance stories are among the most popular genre in fiction. Even if the central focus is not on romance, many stories contain couples who fall in love or rediscover feelings for each other during ... Read More »

When in season 4 of True Blood will the Vampire king of Nevada aka Felipe de Castro be introduced on True Blood?

How to Write True Crime Stories?

Crime is everywhere and everyday. No country can say that they don't see violence committed every day. It has been part of our nature since the start of the history. Because of that, movies, games,... Read More »

Is there true stories of forced feminization?

yes it really happens, though as for online stories... there is one on the website called Adam's story which I know for a fact to be true, so yes there is at least one tru... Read More »