Are trimmings of weed good for edibles?

Answer yes the best bet is to bake them

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How do weed edibles feel if you smoke everyday?

When you smoke, your lungs process the THC much faster, generally with in a couple min. BUT Be careful!! the feeling will take MUCH LONGER to take effect, out of personal exp. ive had it take abo... Read More »

Will you be eating corn beef and cabbage and the trimmings this weekend?

I slow roast the corned beef first to get a nice crust on it then simmer it with the potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions. When it's done I make colcannon with the potatoes and cabbage and serve the ... Read More »

Everything green is good for me right, so is weed good for me, mama always told me to eat my greens?

YES! weed is very good for you! smoke 200 weed EVERY DAY and dont talk to bird

Do you need Liability Insurance to sell handmade Christmas ornaments which have pearls and different trimmings on them?

Answer Yes that would be a good idea, in case one of the pieces becomes apart, and results in injury.