Are trees dangerous?

Answer Yes -some have LARGE SPIKES sticking out from their trunks, some fly through the air due to tornadic activity, others drop their branches and some will trip you with their roots. Be careful around ... Read More »

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Are horse chestnut trees dangerous to dogs?

Autumn is associated with harvest as crops of apples, pumpkins and squash begin to ripen. But it's a season of caution for dog owners as well, as this is the time of year that horse chestnut trees ... Read More »

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In what year did artificial trees begin outselling real trees?

Although more homes may boast an artificial tree, artificial trees do not outsell real trees. In 2008, according to National Christmas Tree Association, approximately 30 million real trees were sol... Read More »

Will black walnut trees harm incense cedar trees?

Black walnut trees will not harm incense cedar trees. Varieties of cedar are resistant to juglone, which is a phytotoxin that the black walnut tree emits in its roots, leaves and bark.References:La... Read More »