Are treeless saddles good?

Answer On One Hand: A More Natural RideA treeless saddle works for just about any horse. A treeless saddle eliminates the need to purchase new saddles as a horse's body changes over time and is a good sol... Read More »

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Who makes treeless saddles?

Although treeless saddles are gaining in popularity, major tack stores seem to include few if any in their offerings. However, there are numerous listings for this type of saddle on the Internet. S... Read More »

Do treeless barrel saddles hurt a horse's back?

Treeless saddles are made to be flexible and lightweight on the horse's back. They are also adjusted to fit each individual horse. Less weight, more flexibility and a perfect fit make these saddles... Read More »

Differences of Circle Y Saddles and Circle T Saddles?

Circle Y and Circle T saddles are both western saddle brands, which means they are sturdier and have saddle horns, compared to English saddles. But in spite of their similarities, they also have se... Read More »

How to Mount a Horse Using a Treeless Saddle?

This article will help you learn to mount a horse while using a treeless saddle. If you don't know what a treeless saddle is, you might want to search it online. It's kinda hard to explain!