Are toshiba hd DVD players energy efficient?

Answer Toshiba High Definition DVD players are NOT energy efficient. Think about it, a High Definition DVD player is not very energy efficient. If you had a portable HD DVD player it would be much more en... Read More »

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Which is more energy efficient lcd or led tv?

LED back lit TV's, are more energy efficient than other LCD TVs, that use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology for the back lighting.

What is an energy-efficient window?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to decrease the amount of heat that escapes the house during the winter and keep temperatures stable during the summer.BenefitsBy installing energy-efficient w... Read More »

How efficient is wave energy?

On One Hand: Wave AbundanceIt is estimated that the waves of the ocean could produce up to two terawatts of electricity (2 trillion watts). The fuel that wave energy converters use, seawater, is fr... Read More »

How energy efficient is an oven?

You can't match an air handler to an air handler. I assume you meant a 3.5 Ton A/H to a 4 Ton condenser. The answer is no. If the A/H was 4 Ton & you had a 3.5 Ton condenser you could with an expan... Read More »