Are topical flea products safe?

Answer On One Hand: Caution Advised for Spot-On Flea ProductsThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an advisory on using topical flea and tick pesticide products in April 2009. This advisory per... Read More »

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Safe Topical Products to Prevent Hair Loss for Women?

Hair loss in women can occur for several reasons including some medicines and medical treatments, post-partum hormonal changes, thyroid problems, severe diet restrictions, or even stress. If you e... Read More »

Is clindamycin topical safe?

On One Hand: Clindamycin Is Generally SafeClindamycin is a generally safe topical antibiotic medication used to treat acne. Side effects of this medication, such as skin irritation, can be avoided ... Read More »

The Best Affordable Flea Control Products?

Fleas can cause significant problems for cats and dogs. They can cause flea allergy dermatitis and dangerous blood loss, not to mention the effects on the human family members living with a pet tha... Read More »

Is it ok to use Bengay or topical ointment for muscle relief while pregnant not sure if methyl salicylate menthol eucalyptus is safe?