Are toilets in beijing dirty?

Answer On One Hand: Beijing Infamous for Filthy ToiletsRestroom facilities in Beijing have been notoriously dirty since as early as the 11th century B.C. In fact, 20 percent of the complaints the Beijing ... Read More »

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Are basements supposed to be dirty If to deal with and clean a dirty one!?

No, basements are not supposed to be dirty. And the only way to clean one is to dig in and do it.If it seems overwhelming, break the job down into smaller parts. Set small goals, like cleaning ju... Read More »

Who won the most medals at Beijing?

The United States won the most medals at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, with 110 overall. China finished second with 100 medals, but won the most gold medals with 51. Michael Phelps, an American... Read More »

How to Survive Beijing?

Having recently returned from a trip to Beijing, I can honestly say that I was underprepared when I ventured over there this summer! Now I know better...

What does Beijing mean in English?

Beijing means northern capital or literally "north capital" in English, according to Beijing is the capital city of the People's Republic of China and is in the northeastern Hebei... Read More »