Are toilet deodorants safe for septic systems?

Answer Toilet deodorants are fine to use with septic systems provided that they are used as directed. It is also important to remember that only deodorants intended for home use should be used, never use ... Read More »

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Is Rid-X safe for class 3 septic systems?

On One Hand: Rid-X is SafeA type three septic system is a mound-type system. As in all septic systems, bacteria process waste products in a type three system. Rid-X is used to increase bacteria in... Read More »

Are tampons safe for septic systems?

Tampons should not be flushed down toilets with septic systems, since they can clog the septic tank. Other items to avoid flushing include cat litter, paper towels, cooking oil, large amounts of wa... Read More »

Can septic-safe toilet paper be used in a motor home?

A motor home's holding tank for waste water is very much like a small septic tank. Avoid having issues by using only septic tank-safe toilet paper that is designed to break up easily in water.Refer... Read More »

The Different Kinds of Septic Systems?

In rural areas a sewer system is often not available. In these areas it is necessary for homeowners to install a septic system to deal with the waste generated in the home. These systems are genera... Read More »